The Vanquish 25

What do Aston Vanquish owners think of the upgrade and is it good value at £550,000.00?


When renowned car designer Ian Callum retired from JLR earlier this year and launched the new design and engineering firm CALLUM, he set his sights on giving the Vanquish the facelift that he'd always wanted to do.

The CALLUM Vanquish 25 is their first standalone project - the bespoke upgrades will be limited to 25 cars, individually designed for the owner or buyer.

With a £550,000.00 pricetag.... who will go for the upgraded Vanquish?

Some elements of the upgrade are interesting, the engine and suspension upgrades will make the car a better performer. The price of £550,000.00 is a bit over the top bearing in mind that this is only an upgrade to existing cars. This is why I wonder who will send their cars for the upgrade.

The 25 Vanquish cars will either be sourced by CALLUM itself or existing owners can opt to upgrade their Vanquish to their exact requirements. If CALLUM have to buy 25 old cars it won’t do the Vanquish market any harm.

Unfortunately, the various parts that are being upgraded will not be available to existing owners as spare parts, this is a shame.

I wonder how long it will be before we see a Vanquish 25 on the road?

Watch this interview with Ian Callum about the Vanquish 25.

Vanquish 25 Limited Edition

Vanquish 25 Rear Plate

Vanquish 25 Signature Look

Vanquish 25 Styling

Vanquish 25 New Fuel filler inlet.

Vanquish 25 Interior

Vanquish 25 Interior Layout

Vanquish 25 Interior seating

Vanquish 25 Order Out of Chaos

Vanquish 25 Under The Spotlight

Vanquish 25 Flawless Design

Vanquish 25 centre Console

Vanquish 25 Internal Layout

Vanquish 25 Spotlight

Vanquish 25 Spotlight Sideview

Vanquish 25 Spotlight Slanted

Vanquish 25 Spotlight Top View

Vanquish 25 Bonnet and Lighting

Vanquish 25 Made You Look

Vanquish 25 Spotlight Elegance in Simplicity