Import Process

You can trust that Aston Acquisitions will help during every stage of the purchase process - from initial search to delivery to your door.

We make the dream of owning your own Aston Martin easy:

  1. Browse your options and select your preferences using our Finding Your Car tool
  2. Lodge your request (or if you are not sure, simply enquire through our automated system).
  3. We then send you reports, photos and information on potential cars that suit you for review within days of your request. Our team will organise all automative checks to the utmost standard before any purchases are made.
  4. Upon purchase, we process your order and conveniently provide careful shipping to your door within approximately 60 days. Aston Acquisitions will organise all paperwork and registration on your behalf.
  5. Once your car has been delivered, smile and relax. You can finally enjoy owning your own elegant, stylish, one of a kind car. We have quality service engineers and dedicated mechanics in every state for all follow up services anytime.