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"I recently engaged Aston Acquisitions to assist me with the importation of my beautiful Aston Martin DB9. I was thoroughly impressed with the knowledge, support and professionalism provided by Aston Acquisitions all the way through the importation process.

I’d definitely use Aston Acquisitions again and wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to anyone thinking of importing an Aston Martin."

Yours sincerely,


Your desire to import and own a rare and classic Aston Martin is made possible with Aston Acquisitions. We can source any classic pre-1989 Aston Martin model or two modern Aston Martin models to suit your lifestyle and make your dream of owning these vehicles a reality. 

We are also specialists in sourcing parts for your beautiful luxury car, and can import Aston Martin spare parts within just five days. We even source rare electric power steering systems for your DB2, DB3, DB4, DB5 or DB6 model, allowing you to revive your classic car. These parts and systems are often difficult to locate, but we have access to them through our quality partners internationally.

Our fast and reliable service ensures the health and longevity of your car for a better and safer driving experience.

Aston Acquisitions can also help you import any classic and luxury car such as a Maserati or Ferrari. We use our quality assured sourcing process to find whatever car you’re looking for – and deliver it to you.

By sourcing your dream car through us, you enjoy the benefits of quality control and safety checks, all at an affordable price. Trust us to help you find your rare and classic Aston Martin (or Aston Martin parts) for a fraction of the cost, and enjoy the quality service we provide. 

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